Meeting Date

Council Meetings


In accordance with the Faculty Manual, meetings of the entire faculty of the School shall be held once each semester. The time and agenda for this meeting will be set by the Dean in consultation with the Council.

Scheduled meetings of the Council shall be held twice monthly. The Dean’s Meeting will be held with the Dean in attendance and serving as Chair. The agenda will be determined by the Dean and the Speaker and communicated to the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and to the Secretary of the Council for publication prior to the meeting. An additional meeting, designated as the Speaker’s Meeting, shall be held between each Dean’s Meeting.

The Speaker and Vice-Speaker shall set the agenda, which will be circulated to the members prior to the meeting.

All meetings will be open to all faculty members, except for executive sessions which may from time to time be necessary. Executive sessions will be attended by members and alternates only.

Meetings shall be conducted informally, with action by consensus unless a member requests a formal vote on a specific issue.

The time and place of regularly scheduled meetings will be published at the beginning of each semester.